Extension of Processing's PImage that adds filters and image settings like contrast, saturation etc.

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More control over your PImages

FilterPImage directly extends Processing's PImage, adding a growing number of controls and filters to get great animations.

The following is a list of some of the examples. For some more comprehensive documentation, you can explore the javadoc.

Using the class is as simple as using the following constructor:

FilterPImage image = new FilterPImage(context, path);

Where context is the PApplet (usually ``this``), and path a String pointing at the file.

Current filters/adjustments available

contrast(double value)

Changes the image's contrast according to value

tint(int r, int g, int b)

Tints (kind of) the image with the specified colour

saturate(float factor)

Multiplies the saturation of the image by the factor.


Makes the image, indeed, more yellow.


Turns people into smurfs

sepia(int depth)

Applies a sepia filter to the image, with more or less depth


Makes everything a bit more orange


Makes everything a bit more dark blue