Photo by Javier Arce

Hi, I'm Francisco Dans.

I'm a software engineer with a fascination for data visualization, maps, communication, and building tools to improve the web. I am part of the Analytics Engineering team at the Wikimedia Foundation, and I'm currently working on the new version of its statistics portal.

Occasionally I make strange maps too, which you can will be able to buy prints of.

I've lived in Santiago de Compostela, Brión, New Cross, Brockley, somewhere between a syrup factory and an airport, Camden Town and Madrid.

I like traveling to strange places. So far I've traveled to two three globally unrecognised countries. I'm very easily excited by isolated lands that somehow end up inhabited. Like the Pitcairn Islands.

I have an (un)healthy obsession with Armenia, non-latin alphabets, sandwiches from El Corte Inglés's cafeteria, airplanes, opera, American standup comedy and endless spirals of Wikipedia.

I say regularly things in English and Spanish on Twitter. If you want to say hello, email me and I promise I'll be nice.